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Stó:lō creative works contain deep cultural meaning; artists draw on inspirations that come from their connections to their surroundings and the natural world. Sxoxomes ("gifts") include everything the Stó:lō are connected to: the land, mountains, animals, birds, plants, and ceremonies. Artistic works can also include family stories and spiritual experiences. For instance, the design on a drum, or a carving, may be related to a sxwōxwiyám, sqwélqwel, or a vision the painter or carver had. The cultural teachings that a Stó:lō weaver has learned will emerge in the patterns she uses on her swōqw’elh.

"I was always in the wilderness, and I always felt in-tune with the wilderness. I always loved the animals, and they always stuck in my head. I always wanted to draw what I’d seen, or even dreamed of."

– Gani 

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